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  • World War 2 Soldier Portraits

    Published 16/01/23

    The Primary 4 children have been combining their WW2 knowledge with the drawing and shading techniques they have learnt in Art. The children drew and shaded WW2 soldiers paying great attention to detail. They also used tissue paper to create a camouflage background. The finished portraits were amazing and will be displayed outside our classrooms for everyone to see. 

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  • Instructional Writing in P4

    Published 03/10/22

    We have been learning all about Instructional Writing in P4. The children have been investigating a range of instructions and can identify the different features in a set of instructions. This week they were given a challenge. In twos they had to carefully follow a set of instructions and work together to make their own teeth cookies. The finished products looked amazing. Maybe not the healthiest set of gnashers but we all agreed that they tasted fantastic.

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  • Growth Mindset

    Published 25/09/22

    It started out with a dot… 

    As part of our learning about how to have a growth mindset the P4 children created some unusual  pictures. As you can see each one is unique but they all started out with just a black dot. We wanted to see how great things can start with something simple and, with hard work they can become something wonderful. 

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  • Creative Writing

    Published 13/09/22

    The Primary 4 children have been reading The Twits as their class novel. This tied in perfectly with Roald Dahl day, which is celebrated on 13th September. The children created their own revolting rhymes which perfectly described Mr Twit’s beard. 🤢🐛🪱🐀🧀🍔 
    They also made Mr Twit’s beard buns using crushed up Shredded Wheat and jelly sweets for the pieces of food found in his beard. 
    It was disgustingly good fun 

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