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  • Calculating volume of regular and irregular shapes

    Published 28/04/23

    We have been learning about how to calculate volume of regular and irregular shapes. While we understand how the concept of multiplying the width, length and height of a shape together, we were mixing up which measurements we needed to use. Therefore, we got the Mathlink cubes out to help us visualise which measurements we needed and we ran our fingers along each edge to keep us accountable when counting.


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  • Tools for Solidarity

    Published 17/04/23

    In P6SS, we are forward-thinking, rights respecting, active citizens, and we work together to try and better ourselves and our society each day.

    We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the Tools for Solidarity Education for Sustainable Development programme. This programme aims to create awareness about poverty, global injustice and environmental issues, encouraging us to be more conscious of our actions, as well as helping us to develop and challenge our abilities to be critical thinkers. 

    We will be looking at the issues of inequality, poverty, natural resources and reducing waste and fairtrade.   

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  • Coding with Indi Robots

    Published 04/04/23

    Coding is an area we have been focusing on developing throughout Term 2.

    Today we were introduced to screenless coding by using the indi robots. With indi’s onboard colour sensor, the children communicate instructions to indi by placing coloured tiles on the floor that tell it what to do and where to go (and how fast!). 

    To facilitate a fully independent, pupil led investigation, we moved all the tables and chairs and cleared all accessible floor space to provide limitless opportunities for computational thinking. 

    We worked out how each coloured square controls indi and then we used our problem-solving skills to plot various routes and patterns for the robot to follow.



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  • Angle Investigation

    Published 03/04/23

    We have been consolidating our understanding of angles in Numeracy, making sure we understand the difference between the properties of various angles. 

    We didn't realise angels are everywhere! Therefore, we decided to identify angles around us, investigate which types of angles are most common and where we can find them. 

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  • Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day

    Published 31/03/23

    Today we celebrated World Autism Awareness Day..

    We learned that the United Nations General Assembly unanimously declared 2 April as World Autism Awareness Day to "highlight the need to help improve the quality of life of those with autism so people can lead full and meaningful lives as an integral part of society." We learned about inclusion and how to be more kind and inclusive in our everyday lives, both in and out of the classroom and we discussed Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

    To celebrate as a school we had a colour party and our colour in P6SS was green. We all dressed in green and brought in green coloured snacks to enjoy. 

    In P6SS, we are proud to be different and proud of each other. 

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  • Progress Update: Rainforest Dioramas

    Published 27/03/23

    We are currently working in groups to produce dioramas of the four layers of the rainforest; the emergent, layer, canopy layer, the understory, and the forest floor.

    We have researched the vegetation, climatic conditions and animals that make up each layer, and now we are putting our knowledge into practise to bring the rainforest to our classroom. 

    Stay tuned for updates about our finished masterpieces!


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  • Lá Glas: Primary 6 performance 'Shamrock Beat'

    Published 16/03/23

    To celebrate St Patrick our patron saint and as part of our Lá Glas celebrations, we performed 'Shamrock Beat' together with P6CM. Our goal was to try to get the whole school to dance with us and thankfully our camera lady captured us succeeding in doing so. The hall was bouncing as every class in the school joined us in dancing our hearts out. Well done Primary 6!


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  • Full STEAM ahead with the Sphero Robots!

    Published 03/03/23

    We were very excited to get our hands on the brand new Sphero Robots today. 

    The Sphero programmable robots helped us to learn fundamental STEM concepts through play-based learning and group challenges. We had great fun familiarising ourselves with the Sphero app as we developed our spatial awareness and teamwork skills, while linking in with our Numeracy topic Time, to see who could record the fastest times moving the Sphero's around the obstacle courses. 

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  • Paws B

    Published 01/03/23

    Today we had our final session of our 6 week Paws B programme. Paws B aims to give students Mindfulness as a life-skill and use it to help them: feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled. get on better with others. help them concentrate. help cope with stress and anxiety. 

    We had a lovely time welcoming Ellie into our class each week and we look forward to implementing all of the useful strategies she taught us. 

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  • In the hot seat: Forming balanced arguments and experiencing a debate

    Published 09/02/23

    Our current class novel is Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. In the story Michael's family have decided to leave their home, town, normal lives and everything they know to go on a once in a lifetime trip sailing around the world. This sparked an exciting cause for discussion as we weighed up the pros and cons of such a huge decision. We shared very carefully considered responses and worked together to produce a balanced argument, providing reasons for and against dropping everything and sailing around the world. Some children felt very strongly about their points of view and this inspired us to host a great class debate.

    Following on from this, we revisited our debate to reflect on how our thoughts on certain topics can change over time. Unfortunately for Michael's parents, things didn't exactly work out as planned therefore we explored their new thoughts through a hot-seating style interview.

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  • Making St Brigid's crosses

    Published 01/02/23

    Today we celebrated the feast day of St Brigid.

    We learned about the life and work of St Brigid before taking a step back in time to discover how St Brigid's crosses are woven with reeds.

    We carefully followed a step-by-step tutorial and were able to make beautiful crosses to take home and bless our homes.

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  • STEM challenge: Building earthquake proof structures

    Published 17/01/23

    We have been learning that buildings in earthquake zones have to be 'earthquake-proof' in an attempt to withstand the impact of natural disasters and to reduce the devastating destruction that is caused to infrastructure, for example, skyscrapers in Japan. 

    This challenge required us to work in groups to design and build solutions to structural problems using a combination of science, technology, engineering and maths skills.  This was a fair test and each group was given 40 cocktail sticks and 20 marshmallows and the aim was to build the tallest structure that could withstand shaking and remain intact for the longest period of time. I think it is fair to say that we have some of the finest engineers, designers and architects of the future in our class.


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