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Dash Coding

P5's Excellent coding skills were in top gear while learning how to Code using Dash (our coding Robots) through Blockly. The children learned the basics of programming using the drag and drop language of Blockly. They were taught the fundamental programming concepts through interactive exercises without the need to write out programming syntax. This is an intuitive way to code which will help build the skills they need to get started in programming 💻 🤗

Block programming allowed the children to create scripts and programs by using visual blocks and also gave opportunities to debug programmes 🦠 

Blockly includes everything you need for defining and rendering blocks in a drag-n-drop editor. Each block represents a chunk of code that can be easily stacked and translated into code.

The children really enjoyed coding Dash to respond to their clap and tell them a 'Knock Knock' joke 😆

Amazing work P5 👍🏻