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  • Table Tennis Taster Session

    Published 07/05/24

    Today we welcomed Alex from Table Tennis Ireland for some coaching. For most of us, this was our first ever experience playing table tennis and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Alex brought portable nets so we moved our desks and had a table each so we were able to enjoy 45 straight minutes of table tennis skill development and play! Thank you Alex - we can't wait for next week! 

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  • Red and Black Day

    Published 26/04/24

    Today we showed our support to the Down Senior Football Team ahead of their Ulster Semi-Final clash against Armagh by wearing red and black to school. There was an exciting buzz in the classroom today as we learned about the history of the Down team, used our creativity to redesign the Down jersey and engaged in some Down GAA trivia to learn about their historical successes. Up Down!

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  • More than just a paper clip!

    Published 19/04/24

    Our brain break task today unlocked a world of creativity as we were tasked to use a single paper clip to make a picture. At first we were only allowed to use straight lines, circles and triangles to make our pictures until we progressed to having free reign to draw whatever we could think of. Miss Sweeney was blown away by the imagination and creativity shown by everyone and we made some very impressive pictures! 

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  • Creating Hybrid Rainforest Animals

    Published 09/04/24

    As our topic focus on Rainforests is coming to a close, we have used our knowledge about the various animals in the rainforest to create hybrid creatures. We explored elements of a range of animals that we liked and then we added our favourite features together to make weird yet wonderful new species. We will now begin writing non-chronological reports to provide more information about what makes each of these animals unique.

    If by any chance you do see any of these animals in real life, we recommend that you run as fast and as far as you can! 

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  • Our Visit to the Library

    Published 22/03/24

    Today we visited our local library here in Downpatrick. While some of us make regular use of this facility, we all learnt how invaluable this resource is. We first met with the lovely librarian who told us all about the purpose of a library and we were excited to learn that you can get more than just books here - you can get audiobooks, Microbits and attend the Chess Club. We were also very fortunate to have a tour of the archive collection and learn about the history of Downpatrick.

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  • Celebrating World Down Sydrome Day

    Published 21/03/24

    Today we wore odd socks to school to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day- a global awareness day which has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012. As a school we chose to wear odd socks to start conversations; when people ask why we're wearing odd socks we can discuss Down Syndrome confidently. In class our focus today was to learn about Down Syndrome and how we can promote inclusion both in school and in wider communities.

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  • Cricket Tournament

    Published 19/03/24

    All of our Primary 6 children were very lucky to have had cricket coaching in Term 1 led by coaches from the Northern Knights. 

    We used our time with the coaches to understand the rules of cricket and then develop our skills in fielding and batting. 

    To showcase our skills, we were invited to participate in an indoor cricket festival coordinated by the Northern Ireland Cricket Union. 

    We were able to bring two teams and both enjoyed their games, proving confident and motivated against some very talented teams. 

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  • Green Day!

    Published 15/03/24

    Today we enjoyed our Green Day festivities to lead us into our St Patrick's Day holidays. Alongside Ms Mulvenna's class we performed 'The Shamrock Beat' for the rest of the school in the hall. The audience were on their feet, singing and dancing along with us!

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  • Volcanic Eruption Experiment

    Published 09/03/24

    Our World Around Us topic focus has been on Natural Disasters and we had an exciting end to our learning about volcanoes. We love practical learning in P6SS and while we thought we wouldn't get to experience a volcanic eruption in real life, Jake brought one to us. Jake used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create an explosion in his man-made volcano. We had all of the safety equipment at the ready and thankfully we all survived this natural disaster!


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  • World Book Day

    Published 07/03/24

    Today we celebrated World Book Day! We dressed up as our favourite characters from the books we love most and Miss Sweeney thought you looked incredible! Well done everyone!

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  • Topic Trip to Ballydugan Viking Village

    Published 24/10/23

    To conclude our study of our topicThe Vikings, both Primary 6 classes enjoyed a brilliant trip to Ballydugan Medieval Settlement, which is located just outside Downpatrick.

    The children were brought to the Longhouse, where the Jarl greeted them and talked about Viking life.

    The children then rotated around a number of practical learning opportunities, activities and demonstrations related to Viking life.

    To conclude the trip, they witnessed a performance of fight techniques and battles skills, demonstrated by the warriors before partaking in a Viking battle drill, taking on the real Vikings in a shield wall battle formation.




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  • Practical Place Value

    Published 05/09/23

    To aid our understanding of place value, we have been using the dienes apparatus to help us consolidate our concrete and abstract understanding. We have found it much easier to visualise the relevance of place value when we can manipulate numbers within our hands.



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