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  • Pirates Love Underpants Talk4Writing

    Published 30/04/24

    We have been using our story map to learn the story of 'Pirates Love Underpants.'

    Check out the videos of us retelling the story using actions.

    The actions help us to remember the important events and the details that happen in the story. We have used the structure of the story to re-tell the events of the book from the point of view of a pirate on the exciting quest to find the golden underpants. Also see below some examples of our wonderful writing in P3! 

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  • Speech Festival

    Published 22/04/24

    Well done to all the children for learning the poem 'Afraid of the Dark' over the last few weeks for our whole school Speech Festival. The P3 teachers are so proud of everyone for having the courage to perform in front of their class.

    Five children from P3SG made it through to the semi-final. They performed the poem in front of P1-4 classes on the big stage. Well done to these children and congratulations to Isla and Jack who make it through to the final later this week. We loved your speaking and facial expression!

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  • Coding in P3

    Published 17/04/24

    The children in P3 just loved trying out the coding resources that we have here at school. Today the 'Digital Leaders' took the lead and we had the opportunity to:

    • Use Indi cars to create a route
    • Use Microbits to make a code on a laptop
    • Play with the Sphero to create a picture using paint and navigate around a maze- we especially loved this one in P3!
    • Use the Dash robots to race them to the finish line
    • Complete unplugged coding activities such as set arrows in the right direction to guide teddy to the end

    Thank you to the 'Digital Leaders' for being such great role models for the P3's! We really enjoyed all of the stations that you worked so hard to prepare for us!

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  • Green Day!

    Published 15/03/24

    Check out the video below of P3's Green Day performance!

    We learned and sang 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in Irish during our whole school celebrations!

    It certainly has been a busy week for our P3's!

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  • Our First Confession

    Published 13/03/24

    On Tuesday 12th March the Primary 3 children made their First Confession at St Patrick’s Church. We are so impressed with the maturity that the children showed during the Sacrament and with all their preparations- the children have worked very hard learning their prayers, songs and reflecting on how they can make positive choices at school, home and in their community to live like Jesus. We are so proud of all our P3’s!

    Below are some photos from the Bun sale we had to raise funds for an after First Confession treat- a big thank you to all of the children (and mums and dads!) who baked and prepared the buns for this! The children did a great job collecting the money, giving the correct change to their customers and counting the total money when all the buns had been sold.

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  • St Patrick's Day Workshop

    Published 07/03/24

    On Tuesday 5th March, the P3 children attended a drama workshop based on Saint Patrick’s story at The Saint Patrick Centre in Downpatrick. It was a fantastic morning exploring the museum and participating in a drama of St Patrick's Story. A big thank you to the St Patrick centre for having us and preparing such lovely activities for us to take part in- the children had so much fun up on the stage!

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  • Numeracy Activity Based Learning: Money

    Published 27/02/24

    In P3 we have been learning about money.

    We have set up a shop in our classroom and have been counting amounts of money to buy the items. We have also been looking closely at the coins and discussing what they look like to help us quickly recognise their value.

    We have been using some online games to help us practise our money skills. Here are the links to the games that we have been using for the children to continue practising at home!

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  • P3 Superhero Day!

    Published 26/02/24

    We celebrated Superhero Day as a conclusion to our World Around Us Topic- Superheroes!

    We have been very impressed by the effort and creativity that the children have shown making their own costumes throughout the week- a big well done to everyone!

    Check out our amazing costumes in the photos below!

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  • Superhero Art

    Published 02/02/24

    For this half term our World Around Us topic is 'Superheroes.' We recycled old paintbrushes to make our own superhero characters- look at the photos below to see how great they turned out!

    Alongside this, we linked our topic to our Literacy work. We wrote a description of our character's superpowers, we created a fact file about our own heroes and created sentences using verbs based on a superhero obstacle course- we have been very busy showing off our wonderful ideas in P3!

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  • Telling the Time in P3

    Published 16/01/24

    In Primary 3 we are learning to tell the time. Today we made clocks using hula hoops and added labels for o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.

    Our clocks have two hands - we are learning about how important it is to remember that the longer one shows the minutes and the shorter one shows the hour.

    Miss Greene was very impressed that we worked so well as a team and made sure that everyone in the group had a chance to contribute.

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  • Term 1: Phonics

    Published 16/01/24

    The children have learned the following sounds so far in P3. They have been spotting them in their reading books and using them when spelling and writing: ay, ee, igh, ow, oo, oo, ar, or, ir, air, oy

    Check out the video of the children saying the sounds and the special rhymes they use to remember how to say them!

    Below are the focus words that the children know for each sound. The children have these words on cards as they have been sent home as part of their homework each week throughout the first term.



    Focus words:


    May I play

    play, day, say, may, way, tray, today


    What can you see?

    seen, need, sleep, feel, three, green


    Fly high

    high, might, light, sight, night, fright


    Blow the snow

    snow, flow, know, show, blow


    Poo at the zoo

    zoo, mood, pool, stool, moon, spoon


    Look at the book

    look, book, shook, cook, foot


    Start the car

    car, park, smart, sharp, spark


    Shut the door

    door, sort, short, worn, horse, sport, fork


    That’s not fair

    fair, stair, hair, chair


    Whirl and twirl

    girl, bird, third, whirl, twirl, dirt


    Shout it out

    mouth, round, found, loud, shout


    Toy for a boy

    boy, toy, boy, enjoy

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  • Green Day in P3MU 💚☘🍀

    Published 16/03/23

    The boys and girls in P3MU enjoyed taking part in the Green Day assembly today, dressing in green and celebrating St Patrick's Day! 

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